Where It All Began..

I just recently started this blog. I have never really blogged about knitting or any other crafts. And I have no idea why, because it has become my biggest passion and it has been in my life since I can remember. Also it’s a good way to document the things I have made in the past and that I will make in the future.

The beginning of this unstoppable baby-fever started in 2013 when I found out, that one of my best friends is becoming a father. I had some ongoing projects at the time, but I’m awful at finishing them. Mostly because those were for me and well, I’m a giant compared to a tiny baby. So I quickly used the opportunity to start something new because IT’S A GIFT! (valid reason, huh?:D). I just wanted to make something tiny and cute.. and also keep my promise to reduce my yarn stash and use up something I have in hand.

I don’t even remember where I got the idea of a baby tunic/dress like that, but by now I have made about 10 of them, each and every one is unique and has a different pattern. I have tweaked them every single time.

This is where it all started, this cute little grey-white dress..

I ja T beebikleitI used 100% wool yarn. The dress is knitted in round, bottom up and about 25-26 cm in length. The bottom width was around 28-30 cm.

I knitted about 18 cm and then decreased by half (just knitted one row of k2tog) and then the hole-row (k2tog, yo, k2tog, yo etc). The upper part is just k, p, k, p and on the back row the opposite. It is useful to have a baby-garment for measuring the armhole and neck part.

After this dress I just kept making them.. reducing my yarn stash (and purchasing new, because I didn’t have THIS particular colour, that I obviously NEEDED!:D). I gave all the first ones to this one little baby-girl who is over a year old by now:)

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