Baby vest and how I miss knitting!

This is crazy. I have been travelling for a while and my cravings, so to say, for crafts, are becoming unbearable. I never thought I could not live without knitting and those boxes of yarn. I have so many ideas!

I was able to use up all the skeins I had with me on the road, though. VestSome of the yarn was made into these..

I also have a pair of unphotographed pants and socks/mittens. And I used up the last piece of yarn to make a toy for a kitten:D

Oh well, I’m probably going to be in my cave knitting for a couple of months after I return:)

“Leftover” Baby Socks

IMG_8133My bigger projects are usually dresses and blankets, sometimes cardigans. However, almost every single project increases the pile of left-over yarn. After stocking 3 boxes with yarns for specific project I haven’t yet had time for and also leftovers from already accomplished knits, I just ran out of space. My solution was, that every time I finish a baby-project, I also knit the left-overs into socks and/or mittens. So far so good, I’d say:)

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