About Me

Hi there!

My name is Laura and I’m crazy about crafts. I crochet’d my first jacket for my baby-doll when I was in kindergarten and I have been crafting on and off since then. I have knitted absolutely everything from mittens to cardigans. I made my first baby blanket in fifth grade (with questionable quality, though) and another one in 2012 when we needed a gift for a newborn baby-girl in our family.. and from that time on, the babies just kept arriving.. and I kept making them presents, tweaking and improving each and every time.

By today I can say, that all my friends and acquaintances know me by my handmade baby-clothes. It humbles me how many strangers have been interested in ordering my crafts and how happy my friends have been when they get one of my blankets for their babies.

I love those buttons and ribbons and small details.. and I love to make tiny clothes.

Apart from playing with yarn, I also enjoy making my own natural cosmetics, household products and paleo/primal/LCHF food.

We have resolved a high blood-pressure problem with healthy food, no medications involved. You could say I am a part-time food enthusiast, too.

I dream of living in a self-sustainable house, having my own garden, backyard chicken and a rocking chair on the porch for comfortable knitting.

You know the life – constantly generating new ideas for new craft projects. I just can’t keep my hands away from yarn and needles!!!:)

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