Sailor-Themed Cardigan Pattern

LaevukeI already made a tease-post about this cardigan here. I just couldn’t help myself:) You can’t imagine how impossible it is to have no needles or yarn for almost 6 months! I am so enjoying knitting again, but I have so little yarn. I am taking it reeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy slow. It’s like sparing your favourite (tiny) cookie-jar to enjoy for a whole month.

Despite my greatest efforts to be as slow as possible, I managed to finish this project rather fast. I am quite proud of how it turned out, because I love to design clothes for children. It took me 8 pages of paper to finish this particular one. I hate when my patterns are not PER-FECT, every cross and symbol has to be in its right place:) This cardigan goes to a friend, so it had to be personal and special.

The creation process looked like this:

1) Make a swatch to measure gauge and tension. Learn to enjoy it.

2) Measure a random newborn garment/get measures online.

3) Calculate the number of stitches you are going to knit, based on your gauge and tension.

4) Decide on overall design – I chose to knit seamlessly in raglan and have buttons on the side. This idea came from Kelly Brooker’s Puerperium Cardigan, that I am forever grateful for. I love to put buttons somewhere else than in the middle for a change. Other than that, I couldn’t really use the pattern, because I had extreme modifications planned.

5) Draw a pattern to fit the number of your stitches. Sailor theme came to me a bit before I found out, that a sailor-friend is having a baby. From there on I just made it special-sailor-theme:) DSC048426) Double-check everything, every number, every symbol and how it all fits together.

7) Triple-check (annoying, but saves you from frogging everything when half-finished).

I also saved this pattern in excel (and here’s how to do it).. so here it is! The line separates front from the back.SailorThis is how it looks on the back:Laevuke 28) I love ribbons, so I usually make room for those in the edges.

  • Yarn: 4 Seasons Merino 4 ply, Colour nr 20 (Navy) and Natural White, 50 g, 135 m, 24st x 32rows (10 cm x 10 cm).
  • My gauge and tension: 20st x 23rows (10 cm x 10 cm). I always knit a tad tighter with two colours.
  • Needles: 3.75 mm circular.


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