Pink Lace and Heart Baby-Dress Made On Order

Raine RoosAfter a couple of dresses that I knitted for the daughter of my friends, I started to get a couple of orders here and there. This particular order was a lesson for me. And not in a good way.

A lady asked me to knit a dress and a pair of socks and mittens for her baby-girl due in 3 months. I had the time and I enjoyed the process. She did not give me any certain requirements, just the colour scheme.

She praised my work when I sent her the photos to check if she liked what I came up with. She loved them. We agreed that she will pay the next month.. and then the next.. and the next.. I was understanding. Until she never answered to my letters nor got back to me any more. So what did I learn?

Lesson nr. 1: Good girl for not shipping the product before getting any money.. Lesson nr. 2: Get 50% of the payment before starting the order (or at least the cost of the material), especially when making something with custom colours/pictures/names/dates. Just in case. I really do charity work and donate my handmade stuff from time to time.. but in this case she ordered the product and I spent my time and money on it. Not a nice thing to do.

These items were eventually bought by a friend who needed a baby shower gift. I was no longer interested in keeping them in my closet and there was no response from the “customer”, so they went to a loving home.

Here’s the pattern I drew for this particular dress:Baby dress hearts pattern
In addition to the dress, she wanted mittens and socks. I had enough yarn to make two pairs so she would have a choice. komplekt
Hearts again:)roosad kindad roosad sokid
I really believe in honesty and integrity. I want to believe in people, but this case proved me wrong – all people are not nice and honest. When you are just new to this craft world, you really need to do a back-round check in the community to see if there are any complaints toward your customer. From that incident on, I plan to take some money upfront when ordered by complete strangers.

4 thoughts on “Pink Lace and Heart Baby-Dress Made On Order

    1. Hi Eileen! Thank you! Unfortunately there is no pattern for this one other than in this post, it was my own creation. If you want to experiment, I can try to recall as much as I can, but there will not be a precise instruction (how many rows, how many stitches etc), because I don’t have the dress any more:( .

      Let me know, because all in all it is really easy to make, not many details:)

    1. Yes of course – you can download it by right-clicking on the heart-pattern – then “open in new tab” and then “save image as”:)

      I measured a newborn garment to calculate the width of the dress and then knitted from the bottom up with the same stitch count until the ribbon part. There I decreased the stitches almost by half, knitted the hole-row for the ribbon and then continued by the measures of a newborn shirt. I hope this helps!

      Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother!!!:)

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