Estonian Dress Collection – Dresses nr. 3 and 4

Pääsukestega Eesti kleit
I got so loving and heart-warming feedback to my national dresses, that I could not help myself – I wanted to create more. So far there are 4 dresses in my collection, here you see 3 and 4. They are all a little different from their “sisters”, but all made with love for home.

This dress is actually still waiting for an owner back home. I finished it very little before I left home for travelling and had no time to sell it. I guess now It’ll be waiting for my own little girl.RahvuslikDetails. Details are my favourite. There are thousands of different buttons in one craft-store. These buttons? I went through at least 3 different store-brands and 5 different stores before I found the buttons that were close to perfect. Cornflower is out national flower and this is what I tried to crochet here.Rahvuslik lisa 2
A fan of lady-like ribbons..Rahvuslik lisa 3
Barn swallows – our national bird.
Rahvuslik lisaThis is the pattern I created for this dress and this yarn with my knitting tension. I have to update this post in the future with the yarn brand, though.Eesti muster w

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