Estonian Dress Collection – Dress Nr. 2

Eesti kleit 2The second Estonian dress I made last summer (2014), was the first ever order from a person I did not previously know. It was a proud, yet really scary moment. On the request of the customer, I was using cotton, a material that I wasn’t very familiar with (I have mostly used merino wool) and I was so unsure if I could make the dress that exactly matches my customer’s vision. To top it all – the dress was for a bit older child and so far I had only made dresses for newborns.

While knitting this project, I also got a couple of lessons. My lovely first customer, Maarja, taught me to value my time. I did not ask a high price for this dress – I was so unsure how much I should ask and besides, it was my very first order outside family and friends.

She taught me to value my time – how much time and effort you put in it.. + materials + it’s handmade and unique. This is true – I have never made two dresses that are exactly the same.

The second lesson was not to underestimate how different materials can be. I found it very difficult to knit such pattern using cotton yarn. However, I managed it and my customer was very happy with the dress. You always remember your first customer. She is also a crafty person, so we are now catching up from time to time and I feel very grateful for that.

Once again I used a motive that is often used in our national crafts and accustomed it to the dress of this size. eesti kleit 2 muster

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