Estonian Dress Collection, Dress Nr. 1

Eesti kleit small
My unlimited imagination for creating tiny dresses was triggered by my Inspiration-Baby. It all started with this grey baby-dress I made for her, but that wasn’t the end. I remember having promised that I will not purchase any new yarn until I use up all my stash. Anyone who is into crafts like I am – you know it’s basically a mission impossible:D

However,  I managed to make a couple of dresses from the left-overs and this Estonian dress is one of them. That is why the blue colour on this one is not as close to our flag colour as I’d like. But the dress was a hit and my Inspiration-Baby looked like a true patriot in it.

This is the simple Estonian motive. The skirt-part is knitted circular and decreased by half on the waist. Eesti kleit muster excel
I can not wait to be able to knit more dresses!

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