How To Wash Wool Clothes


Washing wool clothes is the one and only thing why knitted garments annoy me. I am super-not-into-hand-washing my clothes (especially after I did it every day for 6 months). You might get away with using washing machine, but you know the horror stories where people shrunk their lovely cardigan so much that it now perfectly fits to a toddler:D

My Mom, as an avid knitter, has taught me trough the years how to take care of my knitted garments. She always frowns upon me when I’m sometimes being lazy and just toss my knitted socks in a washing machine.

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How To Draw And Save A Pattern In Excel

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I am a big fan of scribbling down my own patterns, draw them on paper in multiple colours etc.. but at this moment the space in my back-bag is rather limited. I left my notebook home..I don’t have enough room to buy new one.. and I can’t scribble in Kris’s notebook endlessly.. He’ll just run out of paper:D So I needed to find a more convenient way to write patterns that weigh nothing and take up no space in the bag. Excel + Photoshop is the perfect solution!

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