Sailor themed Baby Blanket

väike Taaniel
So it finally happened and we were home from our travels for a total of three months.

No need to mention, that I started digging through my yarn stash almost immediately. I forced myself to unpack first:D I spent hours organizing everything and mostly knitting. Like 12-hours-a-day-knitting:D I just took some days off to satisfy my hunger for crafts.

One of my biggest projects was a baby blanket for our friend. He is a Sailor and my mind raced to make them something in that theme.

So this is what I cooked up:DSC06742
It is made of 100% merino wool and lined with cotton fabric.DSC06750
Cross-stitch Donald the duck and the baby’s name and birth date. DSC06768DSC06773
Took quite some time, but I am fully satisfied with the results. The family was very happy and pleased with their gift.

If you wish to get a pattern, don’t hesitate to contact me!:)

Sailor Themed Baby Blanket Idea

Baby vest and how I miss knitting!

This is crazy. I have been travelling for a while and my cravings, so to say, for crafts, are becoming unbearable. I never thought I could not live without knitting and those boxes of yarn. I have so many ideas!

I was able to use up all the skeins I had with me on the road, though. VestSome of the yarn was made into these..

I also have a pair of unphotographed pants and socks/mittens. And I used up the last piece of yarn to make a toy for a kitten:D

Oh well, I’m probably going to be in my cave knitting for a couple of months after I return:)

“Leftover” Baby Socks

IMG_8133My bigger projects are usually dresses and blankets, sometimes cardigans. However, almost every single project increases the pile of left-over yarn. After stocking 3 boxes with yarns for specific project I haven’t yet had time for and also leftovers from already accomplished knits, I just ran out of space. My solution was, that every time I finish a baby-project, I also knit the left-overs into socks and/or mittens. So far so good, I’d say:)

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Estonian Dress Collection – Dress Nr. 2

Eesti kleit 2The second Estonian dress I made last summer (2014), was the first ever order from a person I did not previously know. It was a proud, yet really scary moment. On the request of the customer, I was using cotton, a material that I wasn’t very familiar with (I have mostly used merino wool) and I was so unsure if I could make the dress that exactly matches my customer’s vision. To top it all – the dress was for a bit older child and so far I had only made dresses for newborns.

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How To Wash Wool Clothes


Washing wool clothes is the one and only thing why knitted garments annoy me. I am super-not-into-hand-washing my clothes (especially after I did it every day for 6 months). You might get away with using washing machine, but you know the horror stories where people shrunk their lovely cardigan so much that it now perfectly fits to a toddler:D

My Mom, as an avid knitter, has taught me trough the years how to take care of my knitted garments. She always frowns upon me when I’m sometimes being lazy and just toss my knitted socks in a washing machine.

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